Pas*sion*ette (adj) – 1. DIscovering your true feelings in relationships, career, self 2. Finding purpose through prayer and encouragement 3. Expressing; seeking your future self

Passionette Directions is my new adventure to help others explore where they want to go in life. Let me help you find your next step through one on one mentoring, small groups, workshops, and seminars.

In order to get started, let’s get together for a complimentary interview for each of us to learn more about each other and the mentoring process. We can identify areas of your life that you would like to take from good to GREAT or find the areas that you didn’t realize need more attention.

We live such busy lives that we have no time to stop and smell the roses or even ask ourselves where we are going and why?? My mentoring can help you zero in on your relationships, your career, or your own self worth, by asking the right questions and helping you draw out your own answers.

Passion-ette Directions will inspire you to find your passions and motivate you to achieve your life’s desires in relationships, career, and your own heart.

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